How to Make an Efficient and Cheap Clapper for Amateur Moviemakers

Introduction: How to Make an Efficient and Cheap Clapper for Amateur Moviemakers

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Most amateur groups have this small issue of financing their projects, which are usually done by themselves only. Amongst those hurdles the issue that surfaces is that of a good clapper.

Here I have explained how to make an efficient and cheap clapper for amateur moviemakers

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Step 1: Acquiring Materials

I scrounged the house for any material that I could find. I used the following:

● 1" wide wooden strip of thickness 6 mm
● plastic/ acrylic sheet
● glue
● drill
● nut - bolt
● wood saw

Step 2: Preparing the Frame

Cut the wooden strip into 3 pieces
● 1 X 5"
● 2 X 6"

Cut the acrylic sheet: 4x6"

Drill a hole at one end of the 5" long strip and one 6" long strip. Sand the edges of the strips to have plain rounded edge.

Step 3: Fixing the Panel

Glue 4"wide edge of the acrylic sheet to the 5" long strip, flushed with the end of the strip opposite to hole drilled. This is the vertical edge.
To the top of the sheet, glue the 6" long strip (the one which is not drilled) flushed with the edge. This is the horizontal edge.

NOTE: I have used acrylic because it is water proof and cam be used for a long time. In case of affordability constraints, thick cardboard can also be explored

Step 4: Fixing the Clapper

Place the 6" strip along the horizontal edge on top of the panel. Align the drilled holes of this member and the vertical member and fix them with a bolt and a nut.

NOTE: The clapper needs to be fixed on the side where the horizontal member has been fixed.

Step 5: Finishing the Clapper

Your clapper is ready. Use a white board marker to write on the panel or fix a paper with clamps and write on that.

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