How to Make an HTML Page Using Notepad/TextEdit

This is how to make an HTML Page using Notepad or TextEdit for PC AND MAC.

Skip to Step 2 if you know how to open Notepad/TextEdit

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Step 1: Opening Notepad/TextEdit

So you may want to know how to do this first.

So its this easy:

Windows XP-7:Start\Accessories\Notepad

Windows 8:Start+S type Notepad

Windows 10:Start type Notepad

Mac OS X:Click spotlight search at the top and type TextEdit

Step 2: Making the Document

So for the
webpage to display text, these are needed for the text size.




It should look like this:


<h1 or h3 or p>Text Goes Here</h1 or h3 or p>


Step 3: Saving the Document

To save, click
File\Save and save it as anything.html and put the type to all files

Or you can use CTRL+S on windows


Save it on your desktop

Step 4: Viewing the Document

Your document
will look like this

To see your document that you made, go to this file.

C:\Users\Your User\Desktop\Filename.html

Step 5: Edit a Document Hy Me

You can edit a document I made to download at this link:

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    3 months ago

    How do you publish the website so that the public can see it?


    3 years ago

    this is some old school stuff. good to know people still know how to do it and have an interest.