How to Make an Instant Slushy




Introduction: How to Make an Instant Slushy

How to make an instant slushie. Want a to make any drink into a delicious semi-frozen drink called a slushy? Usually this means putting your desired drink in the freezer and waiting until it reaches the desired state of being froze, however with this awesome method you can have a frozen slushie drink in just a few minutes!

We have also provided a video tutorial on how to make an instant slushy. so be sure to give it a watch for more elaborated instructions.

Step 1: Gather What You Will Need

What you will need:

- A drink (any drink will work for making a slushy)

- 2 Plastic Bags

- Some ice

- Salt

Step 2: Pour Drink Into Plastic Bag

Pour the drink into one of the plastic bags. Make sure that you seal the plastic bag completely to ensure no spills.

Step 3: Put Plastic Bag Inside Other Bag

Put the plastic bag with the drink in it inside of the other plastic bag. Again, make sure that the plastic bag with drink in it is completely sealed.

Step 4: Fill Bag With Ice

Fill the outer bag with ice. Make sure to leave enough room to be able to close the bag.

Step 5: Pour Salt in Bag

Pour salt into the outer bag. You should be pouring the salt on top of the ice. How will this work? Salt and ice create a chemical reaction that "superchill" your inside drink. This will require quite a bit of salt.

Step 6: Shake Bag for About 5 Minutes

Now seal the outer plastic bag that is containing everything and shake. Shake the bag for a good 3 - 5 minutes or until you can visually see the drink become a slush state.

WARNING : The bag will get very cold, so consider using a towel to shake and handle the bag.

Step 7: Enjoy!

After shaking the bag for about 5 minutes, the inside drink will have became a slushy! Do this with any drink including soda, juice, or just water! If this tutorial was confusing in any way, be sure to take a look at our video tutorial on how to make an instant slushy - How to Make an Instant Slushy . We have also given a few pictures to what the slushy will look like. Thanks for reading!



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    26 Discussions

    lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee iiittttttttt

    How much salt do I use because I don't want to use too much or too little.

    1 reply

    I love it but if i want to put fruits should i mash them and put them with the juice

    alternative way is to just put the can in the freezer, wait 2 hours (keep an eye on it! too long and it'll burst!)

    If it has a bulge at the top, that means the gas is trying to escape, and the drink is still liquid, however when the gas is removed, TSH! slushy! I recommend transfer can into plastic bottle for easier handling.

    3 replies

    That's what I normally do but then I start whinging because I don't have a cold drink to drink whilst waiting.

    But that is too.slow if u r wanting another slushy fast. And requires way too much of my attn on a can in thr freezer,lol

    liar i shook it for 15 and didnt work

    Im about to try this for my boys!! They have mono and strep throat and really want a slurpee/slushy just really dont want to drag them out to 7 11 or wawa 15 to 25 mins away thats too much!!!! And they wont eat popsicles!! Ugh!! Hope this works fingerscrossed :)

    Thanks!what a unique way to make a slushy and a great science project for school for granddaughter!
    I will b using method for adult entertainment:Plum Wine Slushy

    its awesome its like the homeade ice cream stuff except its better

    1 reply