How to Make an Instructable

Introduction: How to Make an Instructable

This tutorial will walk you through making an Instructable from an Evernote note.

You will need:

1) An Evernote note that has a list of each step in your project with pictures
2) The TechHive Instructable login and password
3) An internet connection (you are going to be uploading pictures)

Step 1: Prepare Your Desktop

Open the Evernote note for your project and an Instructables window so that you can see both.

Step 2: Log in As TechHive

Using the TechHive username and password to log into Instructables.

Step 3: Create a New Instructable

Click on the Create tab, then Create Instructables

Step 4: Give Your Instructable a Title

Step 5: Open the Photo Upload Window

Step 6: Drag All of Your Pictures From Your Evernote Note to the Upload Window

When you are finished you should see all of your pictures in the top bar of the "create Instructable" editor

Step 7: Add Steps to Your Instructable

Add a step for each step in your Evernote project note.

Step 8: Give Each Step a Picture

Drag the right pictures down from the pictures bar for each step in your Instructable. Once you have dragged it down to a step you will not see that picture in the pictures bar at the top.

Step 9: Add Text for Each Step

Copy the text for each step in your Evernote project note over to a step in your Instructable.

Step 10: Click Publish

Step 11: Choose Your Publishing Settings

Enter some keywords for your Instructable separated by commas, and check to make sure your cover image (the image people will see if they search your Instructable), and the category for your Instructable (you chose this at the beginning) are right. When you are done, hit Publish Now!

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