How to Make an Intelligent Car

Introduction: How to Make an Intelligent Car

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The name of the robot is Qbot.The shape is a car and it looks very lovely! This robot is mainly used in the education and we have 3 ways to control it .One of the most simple mode of operation is mobile phone operation,we can provide Android mobile APP for you !

Now we can make an introduction about the Qbot,let's move on it .

Step 1: Description

Qbot is an educational robot based on graphical programming and Arduino platform. This robot is perfect for learning STEM and robotic knowledges. Perfect choice for robot lovers and beginners (Age is better than 8 years old) to learn robotics, electronics and program.

This cool car has more than 10 sensor modules, highly integrated body makes assembly very convenient,which helps you save time installing the sensor module. Compared with many other robot products that need to be built for a long time, the whole assembly process of Qbot only takes 2 minutes, so that you are no longer bothered by the tedious assembly. The holes in the robot can be compatible with the LEGO bricks and you can extend its function yourself, this means that Qbot will have infinite possibilities.

Step 2: Getting to Know the Parts

This cool car has more than 10 sensor modules on both control board (top) and the motor board (bottom). So intelligent Qbot has the ability to achieve different gameplay.

Qbot uses Drag and drop visual graphic programming software - WeMake, which is a software developed based on Scratch 2.0. It allows us to quickly learn programming and control robots. This means you can programming for Qbot and create gameplay you like.

It mainly has :(1) Line tracking sensor;

(2)Avoidance obstacle sensor;

(3)infrared sensor;

(4)Ultrasonic sensor;

(5)RGB lights;

(6)LED Dot Matric Display;

(7)2 Electric machinery.

Step 3: Simple Assembly

All you need to do is to use 3 copper pillars ,screws and wires to join two board together.So it is easy to assemble it!

Step 4: Coding the Robot and Making It Move

Wemake is a graphical programming tool developed based on scratch2.0, we can use this software to program for robot. We can achieve the interaction between software and the physical world to make Qbot do corresponding response according to the changes in the environment .

Let's give it a shot and make Qbot follow the line. We can program with Wemake this software.

The line tracking sensor has two probes, each of which has an infrared transmitter and an infrared receiver . When there is an obstacle under the probe, the infrared ray emitted by the transmitter will be reflected back to the receiver, so as to let Qbot know that there is an obstacle under the probe.

The principle of identifying black line: When there is no black line under the probe, the infrared ray will be received by the receiver and Qbot will know that there is no black line under the probe. When there is a black line under the probe, the infrared is absorbed by the black, and then the receiver can not receive the reflected infrared rays, which helps Qbot know that there is a black line under the probe.

We can use the Wemake to program the Qbot and it have more ways of playing .Just like avoid the edge,follow the object,football match and so on .Many actions can achieve through the software,it's very useful for us to control the Qbot!

Step 5: Mobile Phone APP to Control the Qbot

Ok,now we will let you know how to use the APP to control Qbot.

(1) Turn on the switch of the Qbot,then open the Qbot APP that have been download on your mobile phone.

(2)After connecting the Bluetooth ,you can start controlling your Qbot. You can see that there are two options on the interface,Qbot and Draw line.

(4)Click the Draw line,you can see the fifth picture shows ,and you can draw the line that you want,and then the Qbot will tracking it .

(4)You also can click the Qbot,then you will see the seventh picture show ,you can control the Qbot forward, back, turn left, turn right and others.

This is two ways of using mobile phone APP,and it is very easy to carry out!

Note:If connection fails,restart the APP and reconnect several times.

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