How to Make an "Islands" Paracord Bracelet



Introduction: How to Make an "Islands" Paracord Bracelet

Hi again!  I have a new offering for you. Real simple but nice looking.
I call this model  'Islands'.  I also make one with single side half knots and call it 'Shoulders'.
I hope you have fun with this one.  It takes next to no time to make and is easy to adjust to different sizes.

(Part 12 talks about adjusting for size.)

You will need 2 colors of paracord, both aprox 4 1/2 ' long.  You will also need a small plastic bracelet buckle, about 5/8" size will do.

Lets get started!

Step 1: Lets Get the Cords on the Buckle!

1) Start with 2 4 1/2' cords.  Find the middle of both cords.
Start with the cord that will not be the 'Island' color. 
Put the loop down through the top of one half of the buckle.
Bring the loop up and over the buckle and tighten it down. 
Put the second color down the same way, and again bring it up and over the buckle. 
In the picture I've spread the second cord out so you can see both operations.

1b) Tighten the second cord over the first.  This is the top of the bracelet.

Step 2: Begin Your First Square Knot the 'right' Way!

2a) We are now going to take the first color and make square knots around the 'Island' color.
Bring the right cord over the core and place the left cord on top of it.

2b) Pass the left cord under the core...

2c) and 'up' out of the loop formed by the right cord. 
See how the cords go over and under the core while making the square knot?

2d) Shows how NOT to do it.

Step 3: Begining the Pattern...

2e,f,& g) Tighten up the knot and then do the same steps with the oposite cords...
lay the left over the core,
lay the right on top of it,
then pass the cord under the core...
and up through the loop formed by the left hand loop. 
Tighten them up.
This completes one square knot around the core.

3) Repeat the process, and make a second full square knot.  Tighten it down.

Step 4: Making the Islands.... Part One

4a - d) Lay your square knot ends out to the sides. 
Now we are going to work with the core cords around each seperate side cord.
Bring one core cord up and over a side cord. 

Pass the end under the side cord then up and over its own loop as shown.
Snug it up.

The end should be between the core cord and the body of the work..

4e) Now pass the same cord Under the side cord
and down through its own loop, snug it up.
This completes one half hitch set.

4f) repeat steps a-e making another set

If you want to make the "Shoulders' model, then make only one set of half hitches on each side, and one square knot between each set of 'shoulders'.

Step 5: Making the Islands....Step Two

5) Follow the same steps for the other side,
leaving two complete sets on both sides.

Step 6: Next Step ... More Square Knots

6a - d) Work again, around the 'island' color cords.

Make two more square knots as before
with the original set of cords.

Step 7: Working the Patern

7a - b) Repeat the steps making more islands
until the desired length is about 1/2 - 3/4" short of the intended length.
This shows the intended length to be 7" and I have come out even!!! Wow! 

This will not always be the case!
How to adjust it comes later....

Step 8:

8a - f) Pass the core cords down through the other half of the buckle.

Bring them to the top and make half of a square knot
on top of and not around the core. 

Turn over and make the second half of the square knot.

Step 9: Taking Care of the Ends.... Part One

9a - c) Pass the core cords down through the last square knot
of the outside color (here in blue).

Retighten the outside knot.

Step 10: Taking Care of the Ends.... Part Two

10 a&b) Pass the two outside color cords through their own knot
below the one just used.

11) Cut and singe the ends, and press against the ends while still hot, to smooth and seal them in place.

Step 11: Finished!

12) Finished!

Step 12: Adjustments!

13) If you need a longer piece,
add an extra half double knot with the outside color, to one or both ends.

For a shorter one, subtract half a square knot from one or both ends.

13b)  Here, (in the bottom green and brown) I have just brought the core cords through and tied the extra knot over them. 

So How do I know how long to make it?
I had the same problem when i was making them for Christmas presents.
Get the wrist size of the recipient, and add a half inch.
Measure the connected buckle, before starting,  subtract from the total wrist size.
Make a mark on the table, or a paper taped to the table, of this length.

Once you start your bracelet, measure how long the first square knot is, measure how long the 'island' is.  And then both together.  You should be able to figure out if you are going to need extra knots at the beginning or/and end or less than the two square knots.

This will keep you from having to untie all the knots to add or subtract one from the front.

Well this was fun!  I hope you have fun making it.  Please let me know if you have any problems or questions.
That way I can get back to you with answers or amend this instructable.

Thank you for reading!!!!

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