How to Make an LED Bed Lamp in 2 Minutes

Introduction: How to Make an LED Bed Lamp in 2 Minutes

Here i am showing you,how to make an led bed lamp in minutes.Its very easy DIY project,everyone can do this project in home.It uses less number of components.

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Step 1: We Need 5v dc regulator or mobile charge

2.male USB connector

3.100 ohm resistor glue,adhesive glue...

5.An egg

Step 2: Circuit

Here is the simple circuit diagram

Here we used only three components

1.USB male connector

2.100 ohm resistor

3.An LED

Its a simple circuit,here we connect an led to a USB connector through a 100 ohm resistor

Step 3: Steps

1.First carefully make a small hole on the bottom of the egg using a sharp needle,and clean it well

2.Mix some water with white glue and fill it inside the egg shell and allow to dry it

3.Solder the components as per the circuit diagram

4.Place the egg shell shade on the led and glue it well using hot glue

Step 4: Finished

Here is the easy led lamp.Please like and share my video,subscribe my channel.Feel free o post your comments

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