DIY LED SOFTBOX Stand for Product Photography




Introduction: DIY LED SOFTBOX Stand for Product Photography

About: Yo Guys. I make useful as well as playful DIY Projects & how to make videos at Home easy for you to try it out by yourself and have fun making it !!! i love making stuffs by my HANDS !!! Also your feedba...

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▶ABOUT MY CHANNEL Yo Guys. I make useful as well as playful DIY Projects & how to make videos at Home easy for you to try it out by yourself and have fun making it !!! i love making stuffs by my HANDS !!! Also your feedback on my videos in the comment section would be helpful for me to make better videos for you to learn,enjoy and have fun SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel to be a part of my DIY journey

Step 1: Materials Required

  • Cardboard Sheets
  • Cutter
  • Hot glue gun
  • LED Bulb
  • White cloth/ diffusion paper
  • Pencil & Scale / Ruler

Step 2: Make This Base for the Softbox

Step 3: And Mark 8 Cm Width Parallel Line at the Centre

Step 4: Now Make Inclination Stand of Required Dimensions ( 2 Pieces )

Step 5: Stick It on the Two Parallel Lines on the Base ( Refer Video )

Step 6: Now Make This Cardboard Shape for the Back Support ( Refer Video )

Step 7: And Stick to the Back Side for Support ( Refer Video )

Step 8: Now We Need to Make the Front Support

Step 9: And Stick It to the Front As Well ( Refer Video )

Step 10: Now We Need to Make the Main Softbox Body , Make 4 Pieces of Given Dimensions ( Refer Video )

Step 11: Stick Sheet of Aluminium Foil on One Size of All the 4 Cardboard Sheets ( Refer Video )

Step 12: And Stick Are Per the Given Arrangement ( Refer Video )

Step 13: Now Choose Any One Outer Side and Mark 7 Cm Width Parallel Lines at the Centre

Step 14: Make 2 Cardboard Strips With Holes Separated at Equi-distance ( Refer Video )

Step 15: Stick Those 2 Cardboard Strips on the Marked Parallel Lines ( Refer Video )

Step 16: Take 10 by 10 Cm Cardboard Sheet and Make a Hole to Stick the Bulb Holder Inside It ( Refer Video )

Step 17: Cover Inside Part of Softbox Entirely With Aluminium Foil and Put the LED Bulb Inside ( Refer Video )

Step 18: Draw the Wire Down From the Bottom of the Base As Shown ( Refer Video )

Step 19: Take 10 Cm Length Pencil Pieces for Support

Step 20: Align the Holes and Put the Pencil Pieces Inside It ( Refer Video )

Step 21: Make Cardboard Block for Providing Height and Angle to Direction of Softbox Light ( Refer Video )

Step 22: Align the Holes for Appropriate Arrangement As Per Your Requirement ( Refer Video )

Step 23: Cover the Front Part of the Softbox Using Diffusion Paper / White Cloth / Tracing Paper to Diffuse the Light Coming From the LED Bulb Evenly ( Refer Video )

Step 24: Sample Pic Without Using Our Softbox ( Refer Video )

Step 25: Sample Pic Using Our DIY Softbox ( Refer Video )

Step 26: And That Its You Can Use It Shoot Professional Looking Photos for Your Website As Well As Product Marketing for Online Shopping ( Refer Video )

Step 27: Step by Step Video Tutorial to Guide You to Make This Softbox at Your Easy



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    26 Discussions

    This is excellent. Thank you.

    Do you have any problems with rigidity after several uses? The bracket on the base of the cone particularly seemed like it needs horizontal support.

    Have you tried white paper or paint instead of foil? I understand these reflect more light.

    Have you tried coloured filters or lights?

    5 replies

    Try Foamboard, ( at least for the cone ) it's solid and comes in white so covers the reflection issue and it's solid. Also various thicknesses. I worked in a school and made some small photo type booths for photos of kids work.

    You can use more sturdy materials for all the other parts my Youtube channel is based on DIY projects using cheap and affordable materials, thats the reason why i used cardboard on purpose and all other materials to reduce the cost as much as possible and increase the effectivity as much as possible :)

    Sorry if I came across as criticising but was meant to be just an alternative. It's a great looking piece of kit ! !

    not at all, suggestions are most welcomed, my aim was to make softbox using cheap materials as i had very less money

    i have been using my softbox for past 2 months for all my youtube DIY and drawing videos and i have occured no problem at all

    Really well done. I shared it on Facebook to get it more views. I'm probably going to make it out of something a little more solid, but the dimensions and details are excellent.

    1 reply

    What a great and simple solution to one of the biggest problems for anyone doing product photography or video at home.

    1 reply

    I actually subscribed to your Youtube channel b/c of the other clever items and idea you have there. Good job!

    1 reply

    Thank you soo much :) for checking out my youtube channel it means alot .. I hope to continue to make entertaining DIY projects videos for you guys to enjoy and try out by yourself :)

    Awesome! Thats a great idea, completly made from old stuff. Maybe to combine it with other ibles (like usage of LED strips [with cooling!] and some PWM regulator). Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Yeah i was on a tight budget and i needed some proper lighting to make my youtube videos for shooting drawing timelapse and photography ... This creation of mine helped alot .. Thank you for your compliments :)

    Just what I was looking for. How big of a bulb did you use? Do you use warm or cool for your photography?

    1 reply