How to Make an Ocean Style Chain Link Necklace With Crystal Beads




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This DIY chain link necklace is not that cute and girlish kind, but very elegant and suitable for women with a mature temperament. Get the needed beads for jewelry making and let's do it now!

Step 1: Materials Needed in DIY Chain Link Necklace:

8MM Czech Glass Beads

Drop Glass Beads

6MM Pearl Glass Beads

Tibetan Style Beads

Tiger Wire

Crimp Beads

Brass Chains



Toggle Clasp

Step 2: Make the Bead Chain for the DIY Big Chain Link Necklace

1st, cut off about 40cm tiger wire, slide a crimp bead onto the wire, through back the wire to the crimp bead and pinch it to secure the end;

2nd, slide a Tibetan style bead and a 8mm Czech bead onto the wire, continue to slide beads onto the wire until get your desired length, remember keep Tibetan style beads and Czech beads alternatively;

3rd, slide a crimp bead and a toggle clasp onto the wire, through back the wire to the crimp bead, pinch it and cut the extra wire.

Step 3: Make the Bead Link Chain for the Big Chain Link Necklace

1st, slide a drop glass bead onto an eyepin, cut the extra part, make a loop at the end, do another two drop class beads and three 6mm white pearl glass beads in the same way;

2nd, connect three pearl glass bead links with three drop glass bead links alternatively;

Step 4:

3rd, attach the bead link chain to the bead chain.

Step 5: Make the Chains for the DIY Chain Link Necklace

1st, cut off three brass chains as the length of 10cm, 12cm, 14cm, attach the end link of each chain to corresponding place as picture shows from short to long;2nd, use a jumpring to attach the chains’ end to the toggle clasp.

Step 6: The Final Look of the DIY Big Chain Link Necklace:



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