How to Make an Omelet

Introduction: How to Make an Omelet

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Ever want something healthier than cereal? Something with more veggies than just eggs? Solution:

Omelet! Yum! What you need to start the day:

  1. Two eggs.
  2. Multicolor mini bell peppers.
  3. Pepper jack cheese.
  4. Pepper.
  5. Salt.

Get your skillet and let's get started!

Step 1: Chop Up Your Veggies!

For one omelet I will usually chop up three of those mini peppers. You'll want to cut them pretty small, so it makes it easier to eat. I usually cut up one veggie of each color, because they say that the more colors in your meal the better for you (I'm pretty sure this doesn't apply to Skittles. Or Rainbow roll-ups. Or any candy for that matter.).

It's optional to cut up some spinach and add it in, but if you don't want to it is good either way.

I also cut up some pepper jack cheese, this is also optional.

Step 2: Sauté Your Veggies!

Yum! Just spray your skillet down with non-stick spray and toss the veggies and cheese in, and stir it constantly. The cheese might try to stick to the pan, so scrape it off if you don't want to spend lot's of time cleaning the pan after. The cheese gives it a good flavor if you sauté the cheese with the veggies. Once you're done with the veggies, dump them in a cup with the eggs. Mix well.

Step 3: Cook It!

Spray the skillet you sauted the veggies in really well, then dump the whole mixture in an cook on medium high for about 2 minutes. Check edges with fork, if they are liquidy then wait until they aren't, if they are solid, get a spatula and flip the whole thing over and cook until no liquid comes out the side when you squish it. When it's done simple take it off, sprinkle some cheese on it, and eat! Enjoy!

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