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Free Step-By-Step Origami Heart Printable

This is a simple and easy to fold origami heart using a piece of origami square paper.

Everyone can easily learn to make this simple yet beautiful origami heart which can be used to decorate artworks, Valentine's day cards, bonding time with your child or as a surprise for your love ones.

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Step 1: Fold the Paper Diagonally Across in Half

1. Take a Square piece of Origami paper.

2. Do a triangle fold by folding the paper diagonally across.

Step 2: Open Up and Fold the Other Side

3. Open up. You should see a crease line across the paper.

4. Do another triangle fold for the other side.

Step 3: Open Up and Fold the Top Flap Down to Centre Point

5. Open up. You should now see 2 crease lines that criss cross at the centre point.

Fold the top flap down over the blue dotted line.

6. The tip should touch the centre point.

Step 4: Fold the Bottom Flap Up and Touch the Top of Paper

7. Fold the bottom flap up over the blue dotted line.

8.9. The tip should touch the top of the paper.

Fold up 1 side from the centre line as shown on the blue dotted line.

10. Do the same for the other side.
Flip the origami over.

Step 5: Fold the 2 Pointed Tops Down Over the Blue Dotted Lines

11.12. Fold the 2 pointed tops down over the blue dotted lines.

Step 6: Fold in the 2 Sides of the Paper and You Have Made Your Very Own Origami Heart :)

13.14. Fold in the 2 sides of the paper.

15. Flip over the origami.

Congratulations on the completion.

Do gift your wonderful hearts origami to your love ones and melt their heart. :)

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