How to Make an Origami Paper Rose



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Step 1: Get a Squared Sheet of Paper

Step 2: Fold the Paper in Half on Both Sides

Step 3: Fold the Paper Into a Triangle on Both Corners

Step 4: Fold the Paper in a Triangle on Both Sides by Putting Square Folds In

Step 5: Fold All Four Corners in Both Sides to Make a Diamond Square

Step 6: Now Fold All Four of the Corners Down on Both Sides

Step 7: Make a Two Squares on Both Sides

Step 8: Turn the Corners in All Four of the Triangles Down

Step 9: Fold the Top Corner Down to the Line of the Paper

Step 10: Unfold the Square and Fold the Triangles

Step 11: Pull the Triangle Up, Then Grab One Side of the Triangle and Push Them Up on Each Side

Step 12: Twist the Rose and Curl the Corners

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