How to Make an Awesome Halo Assault Rifle, Comes With Spare Clips!!



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Have you been looking forever on this site for how to make an assault rifle, but couln't find an awesome enough/deatailed one? Here's how.
Bondo resin and hardener
Super glue
Pvc pipe will see what pipe works for this
Fiberglass cloth
Pepakura designer, here's the link to download it

About 24 sheets of cardstock, the 4 for a spare clip.
some time

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Step 1: Download the Gun Design

download this. It is already scaled and needs not to be tampered with.

Step 2: Glue

Cut out the paper and use a pen to crease the sides,
mark v for valley _._._._.
mark M for Mountain -------
Solid lines cut along, cut

A valley is a V shaped line the mountain is with the line pointed upwards.
Tape together the parts one at a time, super glue the flaps, and tape again on inside this time though.

Once done mix small amounts of resin. The SCRAPER THINGS at Farm and Fleet work very well and reduce sandin a lot. Apply to the cardstock and allow to dry. Then spread some fiberglass cloth over it and let dry in sections if preffered, or a layer then a new layer and fiberglass, and then cover, which works best for me. You can use a small piece of pipe for the barrel, pvc
and a small mag-lite, preferably black, for the flashlight on the gun. Lightly touch an orbital sander when sanding wide spots on gun, sandpaper will work fine for the rest. For the LCD display, you can probaly get a thing for that or cut it out and some plexiglass, tape, paint it except for the 32 and have a blue led behind it a bit, interior around it black. I am still making this if y'all were wondering about some of this. I am going to be glueing this together and fiberglassing.

Step 3: GO Out and PWN

paint it and customize it, grab you gear and armor.



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      10 years ago on Step 2

      was wrong, the .................... fine dotted like that are the valley folds. Thought you'd like to know.