How to Make an IPhone 4s Case




Introduction: How to Make an IPhone 4s Case

This is my first instructable and I will show you how to design an iPhone 4s case using SolidWorks which you can print out using a 3D printer.  This YouTube video shows how to model the case and has all the right dimensions.

I uploaded the actual SolidWorks 2011 case file and an STL file.

Step 1:

The iPhone 4s template I used to get all the dimensions can be found in the the following link:
I also attached a picture of all the measurements of the case itself. 

Step 2: Renderings

Here are some of the iPhone case Renderings.

Step 3: Print Out Case Using 3D Printer

After you finish drawing the file, save it as .stl file and send it to the printer.

Step 4: Final Product

This is the case rendering compared to the actual case.



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    1 year ago

    yes CyborgNaes

    The material is pretty weak near the circle and won't fit on an iPhone.

    i have a similar case that just got shipped out today... it took almost 3 weeks to be made at some online website..
    great design!

    13 replies

    Could you please tell me where you let it be fabriced? I cannot find such a cheap website so far.

    yup.. i'm making a video and putting it up soon.. it has a money clip, credit card and id holders, headphone holder and a bottle opener :)

    Here you go :)


    Okay. I am experienced in only Google SketchUp and Maya and I was wondering if there was a way to edit your first design with my older sisters name on it and then proceed to print it on ShapeWays. If there is way to convert your file or if you could upload an .OBJ file it would be greatly appreciated.

    very attarctive and helpful teaching way