How to Make and Use a Lightweight and Efficient EDC Kit

Introduction: How to Make and Use a Lightweight and Efficient EDC Kit

Life is full of little problems. An EDC kit can a solve for this problems. Edc means a survival kit your wear every day

Step 1: Keys

The next item is a keychain with a key, nail scissors and a homemade multitool. This multitool has a bottle opener (1), serated edge (2), and box opener (3).

Step 2: Conclusion

This kit past fully in the pockets of you pants. I hope that this article helpfull for you was. Sorry for my maybe bad english, but I come from the netherlands. And last but not least i hope to see you later here.

Step 3: Wallet and Cellphone

Let's start with the core: your wallet and cellphone. In my wallet I have many cards, cash ans bandages and alcohol swabs.

Step 4: Flashlight-laser and Lighter

I add also a flashlight-laser and a lighter to my EDC kit.

Step 5: Usb Cable

This is a short cable from usb type a (1) to micro usb (2).

Step 6: Knife

I have a modded SAK. Whit wooden scales.
I add serrations to the little knife, a sort of crooketknife to the top of te bottle opener and a firesteel scraper to can opener.

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