How to Make One Stitch in Knitting



Introduction: How to Make One Stitch in Knitting

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Have you ever heard or seen the knitting stitch m1? Did you wonder what on earth it meant?! If so, let me tell you, it is so easy…you’ll be doing it in less than 5 minutes after watching this! Or, you can follow the photos below!

M1 is an increasing stitch, and simply means to make one stitch. You are creating a new stitch that didn’t exist before!

Pattern following will become SO much easier for you, allowing you to create so many more projects…and buy more yarn!

So here we go!

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Step 1: Locate the Strand That Runs Horizontally Between Your Two Needles

Step 2: Going in Through the Front, Insert Your Right Needle Under the Horizontal Strand

Step 3: Lift the Horizontal Strand With Your Right Needle

Step 4: Place Strand Onto Left Needle

Step 5: This Is What Your Strand Will Look Like When It Is First Placed Onto Left Needle

Step 6: You Will Insert Your Right Needle Through the Back of the Loop

Step 7: Knit As You Would a Regular Knit Stitch

Step 8: This Is What Your Finished M1 Will Look Like!

Have fun trying out this new stitch, and don’t worry if you can’t get it the first time…just keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of it!

If you’re ready to try out your new skill…here are two fun & easy patterns that use this stitch: The Elendria Head Warmer & The Baby Leaf Hat

Happy Knitting!

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