How to Make Small Rechargeable LED Torch From Cell Phone Battery

Introduction: How to Make Small Rechargeable LED Torch From Cell Phone Battery

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hey guys this one is my new DIY project...that i have completed yesterday.I have also uploaded it on my Facebook account.[]...i have made much more things....i will upload them soon..

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Step 1:

I got so many ideas in my mind....u can see ma first upload.

Step 2:

Things U will need...

1>EMPTY golden perl box
2>mobile battery
5>charging pin
6>1.5 volt LEDs with heat sink
7>solder & solding iron

That's all.....

Step 3:

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    yes Hamid kindly give proper info regarding this project

    Could you include additional information as to how to put this together? I can do most things, if I at least have concise written instructions first. One more thing, how would you re-charge it? The battery doesn't appear to be able to fit back into an old phone to charge. Thank you.