How to Make the Batam's (Indonesia) Best Drink, Teh Susu or Teh-C




Introduction: How to Make the Batam's (Indonesia) Best Drink, Teh Susu or Teh-C

This is my first Instructables. I want to show all of you how to make a delicious drink, teh susu or teh-C. It is tea with sweetened creamer. We in Batam always like to drink it. The English name for this tea is milk tea. This tea can use ice if you want.

The meaning of Teh-C from the Urban Dictionary, is:
"Tea with carton/powdered milk and sugar. The "teh" (Hokkien/Malay in Roman alphabet) refers tea. The C refers carton milk where the milk is packaged in the cardboard container. Therefore, it has a stronger aroma smell of tea."

Step 1: Get the Things!

For this drink, you need:
1. Sweetened creamer (I use Dairy Champ, a Malaysian product).
2. A glass of Tea (I use SariMurni with OsmoFilter technology, Indonesian product).
3. Ice cubes (Optional, if you want it cold).

That's all and you're ready to make the tea!


Step 2: The Making Of

Get some sweetened creamer. Put it into the glass of tea. The amount is up to you. If you like it to be sweeter, then add more creamer. If you don't want it to be sweet, just use a little. I use a tablespoonful. Then stir firmly.

Step 3: Optional Step

Add ice!!!



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    Sup bro! Which part of SEA do you come from? I'm from Singapore!

    u could have added some numbers like how much of the creamer and tea or at least the ratio of tea on creamer ...otherwise ,GREAT! :D

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