How to Make the Dining Table(Photograph Version)



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I made a dining table from flooring.
I made the bench with the materials which remained.

Step 1: Spread a Seat

I spread a seat on the floor, because I do not injure a floor.

Step 2: Prepare a Stand to Cut Flooring

I prepare a stand to cut flooring.
Preparations are very important.

Step 3: Saws Flooring

Electricity saws flooring.

Step 4: Attach Iron to an Edge

I display flooring and attach iron to an edge.
The edge uses the durable materials, because I am worn.

Step 5: Add a Board

I add a board to the backside of the flooring.
I use this board for reinforcement.

Step 6: Fasten the Leg

I fasten the leg.
This leg is made of iron.

Step 7: Completion the DiningTable

One table was completed!

Step 8: Make the Bench

I make a bench with the materials which remained.
How to make is the same as a table!

Step 9: Congratulations! !

I bought the sofa!!

Step 10: Let's Do Patty!

It is the beginning of party with a table and the bench which I made!

Step 11: Video Version



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