How to Make the Knock Lock for Arduino Starter Kit

In this instructable i will be showing you a video on how I made a knock lock using the arduino uno starter kit. I did run into a few problems along the way but figured out a solution after thinking it over. this is the first arduino project I have made so i went solely off of the directions in the booklet provided in the kit. I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself when choosing to do the knock lock with no prior experience but i completed it and mostly to the manuals specification I hope you enjoy this instructable and I would appreciate any tips and suggestions that you have to offer.

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Step 1: The Knock Lock in Action

click here to see my video on my overview of my project (sorry about my voice i was sick when making this). I had to rewire the piezo because not only was it not clearing the reset button the prongs on the bottom were not spaced as showed in the book so I had to use jumper wires to properly wire it then wire it to the piezo.

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