How to Make the Pocket-Size Altoids Tin Art Kit!




Introduction: How to Make the Pocket-Size Altoids Tin Art Kit!

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Hi! this is my first instructable so no men comments please! Well i had decided to make this instructable because i was looking for a pocket sized art kit, but i couldn't find one so i decided to make my own. so please enjoy!
Please Note: You may have to make minor adjustments to this instructable,You Have Been WARNED!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Ok then lets get started you will need:

1. x-acto knife
2. your trusty pair of orange scissors
3. card board
4. four colored pencils
5. hot glue gun
6. mini-saw box
7. mini saw (large saws work too)
8. sharpie (one of mans most useful tools)
9. pencil sharpener(s)
10. ruler
11. one sheet of paper
12. And most importantly an Altoids can

Step 2: The Cardboard Pencil Racks

First off use your ruler to measure the lid of the altoids can horizontally then make marks on your sheet of cardboard with your sharp. Then use the sharp to make larger longer marks on the cardboard. Next grab your ruler and measure the lid of the altoids can vertically and make marks and once again trace the marks upon the edge of the ruler like in the picture. Now that you have done that take the piece of cardboard and cut out the rectangle that is equivalent in size to the size of the altoids lid when your are done it should look like one of the pictures.

Step 3: Adding Slots for the Pencils

Now you will use the back of the colored pencil as a stencil, you will trace 4 of these "stenciled circles" onto 3 different evenly placed rows as seen in the picture these rows will be cut out. Next cut these slots out like in the pictures, these will be used to cradle the four pencils.

~~~~PLEASE NOTE:you may have to make these more or less depending on your kind of altoids can~

Step 4: Cutting Out the Slots for Your Pencils!

Now, you will cut the four slots out for the pencils to fit into the lid of the can.

~~Please Note: I messed up a little bit at this part make sure to read the yellow boxes on the picture or else this project may require major tinkering!!!~~~~ YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED~~~~~~~~~

Step 5: Placing the Slots Into the Lid of the Tin

Now you will need to place the slots in the lid of the tin (please note this may require some tinkering to get right). You will need to take the slotted strips and cut about 1/2 an inch off of each side on each strip. You will now apply a line of hot glue across the lid, i'm sorry i couldn't get pictures of this the glue dried too fast :[. Net step to learn how to add the pencils

Step 6: Cutting the Pencils Down to Size!!!

Now we will be using the mini saws and saw box to cut the colored pencils down to size! If you don't have a mini saw box or mini saws you could use a large one, or even a saw and a vice. You will use your vertical measurements from earlier to mark the size the pencil needs to be, to mark the pencils i took a small chip out of them with the x-acto knife but you can use whatever you want.after you have marked your pencil use the saw and saw box to cut it down to size. Then just check the size and make sure the pencils fit! For my colors i chose red,green,blue, and normal pencil, but you can use whatever colors you want.

Step 7: Making Perfect Sized Mini-paper!

Time to make the perfect sized mini-paper. To do this take your normal sheet of paper and fold one side to the middle like in the picture. Then fold the other side to the middle like the picture. Now unfold both sides then cut down the folded lines with your scissors. you should get three strips like in one of the pictures. Now take all the strips and place one on top of another then cut into fourths you will want to cut these papers to how you like them that is why i didn't post specifications. When you are done don't place the papers in the tin unless you don't mind taking them back out.

Step 8: The Ramp for the Sharpener!

now you will create a ramp to place the pencil sharpener on. Trace the sharpener onto some of the leftover card board, now cut the traced sharpener out of the card board. now cut another piece out of the card board about 1/4th of the traced sharpener's size.this will be used to make a very small ramp on the very edge of the bottom of the tin. hot glue the shorter piece of the ramp first then hot glue the other larger tracing onto the smaller piece of card board like in the picture.then glue the sharpener onto the top of the ramp.

~~~~~PLEASE NOTE~~~~~~ if the edge of the sharpener passes the top of the bottom rim, you need to adjust the height of the ramp.

Step 9: Your Done!!!

You should be done now and now you can draw whenever you like with your pocket sized altoids kit!!!
Also if you have any suggestions to help update this instructable feel free to add them!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ALSO NOTE...PLEASE~~~~~~~~ VOTE FOR MY INSTRUCTABLE IN THE POCKET SIZED CONTEST ........ EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, a genuinely original and useful Altoids tin kit. I've seen all the survival kits and don't think I'd entrust my survival to an altoids tin, but if you were packing light for a camping holiday and wanted to do some sketching this would be a good thing to take along.

    Have you seen the altoids tin watercolour set from the last pocket-sized competition?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i hate it when my art pencils get too short so i have to throw them away,this is the perfect solution!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Kinda late to the game on this, but they do sell stub extenders that you can clamp the stubs into so you can use them more comfortably. You could probably just wrap the stub in a tube made from stiff paper/card stock. Wouldn't be surprised if there isn't an instructable on it... Come to think of it, an extender tube might actually be a nice addition to this kit since it is a little hard to work with such short stubs.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    cool idea ! anyways , I would throw in there a nice plastic eraser , since the erasers of my pencils run up quickly