How to Make the Ring Game




Introduction: How to Make the Ring Game

The ring game is a simple, classic fun game that is easy to install. It requires a quick trip to the hardware store, or kits are available to order online.

Step 1: Step 1. What You Will Need

To build this game, you will need a metal ring, a screw eye, some string, a hook, and a block of wood. In some cases, you may also need a drill and a fishing hook clip as you will see in future steps. All of these items can be found at your local hardware store.

Step 2: Step 2. Mount the Hook

First, screw the hook into the wood block. Stop when a small amount of the screw end is sticking out of the wood block. Then, measure about 5 feet up from the floor and make a mark on the wall. You’ll want to leave plenty of room on either side of the mark for the ring to curve when thrown.

Screw the hook into the spot that you marked the wall. It may be difficult to screw the hook in by hand. Sometimes it is useful to drill a small pilot hole to help guide the hook. Tighten the screw until the hook is securely in place. The wood block will make it easier to screw in the hook. If you prefer to not make a hole in your wall, you can use velcro, mounting tape, or something else to secure the wood block to the wall. Another option is to screw the hook into a decorative board that you can mount on the wall by other means. Make sure that the hook faces up so that it can catch the ring.

Step 3: Step 3. Tie the String Onto the Ring

Tie one end of the string to the ring. Be sure to make a knot that will not come loose. It is a good idea to leave a little extra string on the side of the ring in case adjustments need to be made later.

Step 4: Step 4. Mount the Screw Eye

Next, measure about 4 feet from the wall and make a mark on the ceiling. Make sure your mark is in a straight line back from the hook that you installed on the wall. This may require a ladder. Then screw the screw eye into the ceiling where you made the mark. This may be difficult to screw by hand. It is often useful to first drill a small pilot hole to help guide the screw into the ceiling.

Step 5: Step 5. Attaching the String

Hang the ring from the hook and stretch the string to the screw eye. Put the string through the loop. Pull the string taught, then allow only a little slack to renter the line. Then tie the string to the screw eye. If you prefer, you can use a fishing hook clip so that the ring can be easily removed when not in use. To do this, just tie the string securely to the fishing hook clip. Then open the fishing hook clip and attach it the screw eye.

Step 6: Step 6. Adjust the String Length If Need Be

Stand back and toss the ring gently toward the hook. Make sure that the string is an appropriate length, not too long or too short to win the game. If it is too difficult, you can shorten or lengthen the string until it is just right. Make any adjustments that need to be made.

Then, remove any excess string that may be hanging from the ring or the screw eye. You may want to keep a small amount of extra string on the end of the screw eye in case adjustments need to be made later.

Step 7: Step 7. You're Ready to Play!

Time to play! Stand about 8 feet back from the wall and toss the ring. The goal is to land the ring on the hook. It can be tough at first. The trick is to toss the ring slightly to the left or right of the hook so that it comes over the hook and falls on it. Avoid swinging the ring too hard or you may make a dent in the wall. Once you get good enough, challenge your friends to a game. Traditionally, each player shoots five shots per round. The first player to hit five ringers (not necessarily consecutive) wins the game. Look out for leaners, when the ring rests on the hook but is not fully around the hook; they are a rare occurrence and count as two ringers! You can also come up with your own rules on how to play the ring game. Have fun!

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