How to Make the Ultimate Prank With SAM!

Introduction: How to Make the Ultimate Prank With SAM!

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Pranking is a fantastic way to get your sibs or your parents.

Do it with SAM and learn coding without hints!

Step 1: Grab Your Materials

1. What you'll need is a scalpel, writing tools, cardboard, ruler and a SAM Tilt.

2. The cardboard is waiting to be transformed into a holster you will build.

Step 2: Make the Holster

1. This pranking tool needs to be traced and cut out

2. It should mirror the shape of the SAM block, short and stout :)

3. Use your scalpel to trace the edges, colour it in, and make sure it checks out.

Step 3: SAM Meets Holster

1. Introduce your SAM Tilt to your pranking tool.

2. Check if it fits to make it all cool.

3. Attach the tool to the door handle, and get ready to fool :)

Step 4: Set Up Your SAMs

1. Now it's time to open the app, a place of wonder, engineering, and DIY perhaps.

2. Turn the SAM Tilt on, and drag it and a "Sound Player" onto the canvas with a tap.

3. Connect the dots between the two, filling the gap.

4. Double click on the "Sound Player" to change the sound to "scream", preparing for laughter to be unwrapped.

5. Give it a go and scare away, you'll scare your parents, siblings or mates out of their boot straps!

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