How to Make the Wood Deck




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I make it from the ground at the slightly high position to continue from living.

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Step 1: Level a Land

I make the wood deck into this garden from now on.

Step 2: Spread Gravel

Spread gravel in the bottom setting up a footing of floor post.

Step 3: Make a Frame

I make a frame to pour cement mortar.

Step 4: Pour Cement Mortar

Pour cement mortar.
Use an iron to become flat.

Step 5: Put a Footing of Floor Post

Put a footing of floor post on gravel.

Step 6: Put a Foundation

Put a foundation.

Step 7: Use the Level

Use the level to level a foundation.

Step 8: Finish Setting

It is such finish.

Step 9: Set a Joist

Set a joist.

Step 10: Paint With a Preservative

Paint with a preservativeto raise the durability.

Step 11: Like This

It is such made.

Step 12: Drill a Deck

The deck is hard, so drill  points to screw.

Step 13: The Details

This is detailed.

Step 14: Fix Decks

Fix a deck with a screw.

Step 15: Paint With a Preservative

Paint with a preservativeto raise the durability.

Step 16: Completion!!


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    4 years ago on Introduction

    You made your yard look live a very classy place to hang out. Looks very professional.

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