How to Make Your Photo Look Old (2 Methods)

Introduction: How to Make Your Photo Look Old (2 Methods)

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In this instructable i will show you 2 different ways you can any photo look old

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Step 1: First Select Your Photo

Decide what photo you want to look old.

Step 2: Go to This Website

Go to It will be in Japanese so be sure to change it to english (if you sprechen english that is.)

Upload your photo................


Drum roll please............

Step 3: Download! and Repeat!

Download your beautiful images til your hard drives content (oh computer puns)

I uploaded a few of my favorite photos i have done this way.

ps.... every image in this instructable was taken by me

Step 4: The Second Way

The other way you can make your photos look old is to use photoshop and textures.

you can get alot of textures from or or
(they are all the same website, run by the same people)

the textures i would recommend if you want to make your photos look old are

Step 5: Have Fun With Your Textures

There is no right or wrong way to use the textures.  Be sure to experiment and try different things, but most of have fun with it.

things you can try
change the opacity
use blending changes
turn the image black and white
or sepia tone
over saturate the image 
or mix any or all listed above

one final tip... i would recommend blurring the image before using it

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