How to Manipulate Eye Color in PhotoShop CS-5

Introduction: How to Manipulate Eye Color in PhotoShop CS-5

Today I am going to teach you a quick and easy way to manipulate the color of eyes by using Photoshop. 

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Step 1: Open Image

Sounds simple enough, just make sure when doing this that you have a photo in which you can see the eyes.  Once the image is opened up, I like to zoom in to the area that I'm working on so that I can see my working space a little better.  To do this, hold down CRTL (CMD) and press the + key several times.

Step 2: Open New Blank Layer

Step 3: Using the Brush Tool

Make sure the blank layer is selected and then press the letter “B” on your keyboard.  This brings up the brush tool.  In the brush settings, change the pixel size so that it is the size of the colored area of the eye and turn the hardness all the way up.  Also make sure your opacity is set at 100%.

Step 4: Work Your Way Around Eyes

 Go to color picker and select the color you want to use for the eyes.  For purpose of this picture and pure enjoyment for my daughter, I am choosing to make the eyes rainbow colored.  I begin with red and work my way around the eye with different colors.

Step 5: Add Gaussian Blur

Go to Filter, Blur, and Gaussian Blur.  Turn up the radius of the blur so that the layer is very blurry, but still visible.

Step 6: Change Blend Mode

Having the blank layer still selected, change the blend mode from normal to overlay. 

Step 7: Final Image

The final outcome should look something like this.  If it does not, then you did something wrong and you should try again.

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