How to Measure High Current

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I recently bought a pocket multimeter which measures current up to 200 mA, and this was not enough for me. This is way in this instructable i will show you how to make little hack that makes your multimeter able to measure high current.



1 ohm 10W resisitors

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Step 1: Build It

All you need is single one ohm resistor, you need to connect voltmeter in parallel to it and now every volt measured by volt meter is one amp flowing through a resistor. You may ask why it is working, i will tell you. Ohms law, our current equals 0,05 amps so the voltage drop across resisitor equals 0,05 volts. This is the easiest way to measure current when your meter does not have range for that.

In addition to that you can connect osciloscope to you resistor and measure current waveform.



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