How to Measure the Quality of BNC Connector

BNC connector for equipment and BNC connector both made ofcopper or zinc alloy appearance about an important element, use in monitoring project, a 16 in 32 out of the distributor is the BNC female, 48 a large matrix has hundreds of BNC female, a bigger monitor project using thousands of BNC connectors, 1% of the defective product can cause fault, more than ten big engineering use BNC connector of the poor quality of after-sales service will be very trouble, its quality directly affect the effect of engineering is easily neglected, BNC connector failure usually brings good bad,In the monitoring project, the common fault is that sometimes there is an image sometimes there is no image, or unknown image interference, image quality decline, and even some strange fault or with a period of time after the problem, take up a lot of time engineers troubleshoot the fault.

BNC rf connector is the data transmission interface of many multimedia products.

As the industry becomes more competitive, the choice of BNC connector materials has become increasingly diverse.Usually a good BNC connector, on the metal material requirements, is to have good conductivity, copper is the best conductivity of the metal.But because the price of copper itself is high, the use of pure copper is now relatively rare.

In addition, copper itself is easy to be oxidized, which is not conducive to contact and transmission. It needs to be coated with an oxidation resistant metal, such as zinc, silver, tin and so on.

The better BNC connector on market now is metallic use pure copper galvanization or silver, collocation good PVC plastic piece, make whole BNC connector achieves a good conduction piece.

When the BNC male seat comes into contact with the BNC female seat, the BNC connector male seat comes into contact with the outer layer of the female head through the second layer of the first male seat. Therefore, the second layer of high-quality BNC male head is copper and the outer layer of high-quality female head is copper.

Because the characteristics of copper and zinc alloy is not the same as the production process is not the same, although the appearance of the finished product but different processing technology is easy to identify, copper is relatively easy to process with CNC lathe fine machining, zinc alloy is not, copper BNC master block is processed with automatic lathe machining traces, zinc alloy is not

It is difficult to identify the quality of BNC without certain skills. BNC headstock is usually purchased by the engineering company, and the motherboard is usually installed on the equipment, which is often neglected.

BNC connector quality:

1, BNC connector through the surface of the product, the coating is bright and fine, the higher the purity of copper, the brighter, some products are bright outside, but iron.

2, the adsorption test of the absorber, in general, only the bayonet spring and tail spring for the iron material;Wire clips, pins and casings shall be of copper, and other parts shall be of zinc alloy

3, scrape surface coating see material: blade and other sharp tools scrape surface coating intuitive see material, through scraping wire clip, needle, shielding sleeve coating intuitive contrast product material.

4, in addition to the above methods, can also prepare a good quality head to try.

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