How to Mend a Pencil

This instructable will go through the necessary steps needed to mend a pencil.

You will need:

- broken pencil

- matching paint

- paintbrush

- woodfiller

- scraper

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Step 1: Spread Wood Filler on Pencil

Scoop a good amount of wood filler onto the scraper and then run along the fissures in the pencil. Scrape from the center out and apply pressure to each stoke to compress the wood filler into the holes. Once done, rest to dry and then use your index finger to rub off any extra bits on the surface.

Step 2: Paint

Once the pencil is smooth, apply paint to the paintbrush and apply to the wood filler. Coat evenly and rest to dry.

Step 3: Use

Once your pencil is dry, it will look sophisticated again and is ready to be used!



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    1 year ago

    why on earth would you want to mend a pencil