How to Migrate All Data From Shopify to Magento in 7 Easy Steps

Intro: How to Migrate All Data From Shopify to Magento in 7 Easy Steps

Today more and more people decide to launch an online store. Now there is no need to be a programming guru to set up a prosperous web store. Wide range of shopping carts offer a possibility choose a platform that will help to manage a store with minimum efforts. All e-Commerce platforms can be divided into 2 classes: hosted and open source. Shopify is a bright representative of a fist one, while Magento - second one. Due to specific business requirements, some e-merchants decide to migrate from Shopify to Magento, thus there is a need to explain how to transfer all data accurately.

Step 1: Sign In

Step 2: Provide Information About Your Shopify and Magento Shopping Carts.

You will have to select versions of source and target carts, provide stores URLs and install a connection bridge.

Step 3: Choose Entities You Would Like to Shift to Magento Store.

Simply put ticks. You will also be able to select additional options.

Step 4: Match Your Currencies and Order Statuses

Map currencies and order statuses which exist on Shopify store with those that will be displayed on Magento.

Step 5: Demo Migration

To make sure everything works correctly, perform demo migration. It is free. 

Step 6: Full Migration

If you are satisfied with demo migration, start full migration.

Step 7: ​Post Migration Recommendations

After migration is completed you will have to test everything. It is also important to take care about SEO. You will have to generate a sitemap, create 404 page and set up redirects. Due to peculiarities of a service, passwords won’t be migrate, so should ask customers to recover passwords. Finally, you will have to customize a store according your special business demands.



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    I recommend Litextension Shopify to Magento migration tool at


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    I'm really happy to read helpful post like this.