How to Mini-Size a Roll of Saran Wrap




Introduction: How to Mini-Size a Roll of Saran Wrap

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Why mini-size? I wanted to avoid the hassle of cutting a piece of cling wrap with scissors whenever I had a need for a small size of the plastic wrap. My solution? Divide one container in half. That way, I could tear off a square piece, put it directly on the item I need to wrap, and save that one step (of trying to cut the wrap with scissors), and the hassle involved. I used it mostly for covering my cat's cans of food as I would feed her. But found it useful for other items to be stored in the refrigerator as well. I had been doing this for several years when the Saran company made their, it is no longer made, and I guess there wasn't a large enough demand for it. Their product was 8 inches long, whereas mine is only 6". Maybe that was the reason their's wasn't successful!

Step 1: Select a New Roll of Cling Wrap

A box of wrap is about 12 inches long, and we want to cut it in half to make our "mini-wrap".

Step 2: Mark Box and Roll Where You Want to Cut.

Self explanatory, I just measured and will cut in half.

Step 3: Cut Box and Roll.

I used scissors to cut the box...the cutting serrations on this product is plastic, so I could cut right through it. On the older boxes, it is metal, and you can use wire cutters if necessary.

Step 4: Cut Pieces to Close Up Cut End of Box

In this step, I measured as shown, and cut a piece of cardboard from a cereal box, or cracker box. Pieces will be glued into place on both the bottom and top flap of the original box.

Step 5: Glue Pieces Into Place

I used clamps so that I could let it sit for a few minutes and completely bond.

Step 6: Pretty Much Done!

I know, but it does solve one of life's tiny little issues! Who else could think of it but me (and Saran)? Also, it can be used to cover that half of grapefruit, or orange...perhaps the lemon you used for ice tea. What ever it fits, it will suffice.



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    I still have one of those mini boxes - was in storage or in cabinet unused - until the last yr or so, when I began cooking a lot of Quinoa casseroles & freezing in 3-cup pyrex bowls & using the plastic on top before sealing with the lid - really does help keep freezer burn out. -- So I have been thinking about cutting a box of wrap in half - but was not certain if I could do that --- SO I am Very Thankful for this Website. --- AND I have a Box Cutter that should work great. - AGAIN Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    Great idea! I'm going to "do it" to my wax paper and foil. I had been just folding and saving the scrap for later but this is genius!

    I don't know about you, but I've never seen a roll smaller than 12" wide. This idea (cutting roll in half) is a brilliant idea and a total "duh" one. I feel quite silly for never thinking about it before! LOL

    Good point but im sure there out there, i thought that no name made it

    Great idea. Now to figure out how to find the free edge of the wrap when you start the roll and it's all stuck together.. I actually have the other problem, the normal sized wrap is too small and the extra wide industrial stuff is too wide. For large salad bowls I have to overlap two pieces to cover that missing inch. It must be the same market research company that does the 8-hotdog rolls to a package.

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    its pretty simple, take the roll, hold it like a can of soda in one hand and twist it with the other hand the edge will curl up (if it doesn't twist the other way)

    Thanks for the comp. Use tape if you have to to find the stuck edge. And the size thing: I know what you mean...even wrapping a chicken is almost impossible due to the small size of these things. Cman.

    Here's a tip for those who are cling-wrap-impared like me: Storing the box in the freezer makes the wrap much more manageable. This helps with: a) finding the end if it's fallen back into the box, and especially with b) keeping the wrap from clinging to itself until you've got it onto the item you're covering. (I credit this bit of home lore to my Mom. :)