How to Mix and Top Off Bandsaw and Cold Cut Saw Coolant

This Instructable explains how to add coolant to either the horizontal bandsaw or the cold cut saw. Coolant keeps the blade and material cool as cuts are made as well as aiding in clearing metal chips out of the cut.

Step 1: Measure Out the Coolant

The coolant we used is mixed with water at a 1 to 10 ratio. Using a small container, you can measure and combine one part coolant in a  large bucket or pail.

Step 2: Check Fluid Levels

Now you can check the fluid levels in you saws. Each saw should have a fluid checking window so you can see how much coolant you need to add. Slowly add coolant into either saw and checking the coolant level window so that you don't over fill the reservoir. Once your saw has been topped off, you are ready to cut!



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