How to Mod a Calculator


Introduction: How to Mod a Calculator

About: Hi, I am Bailey402, computer enthusiast and electronics engineer.

This tutorial explains how to mod a calculator and change the buttons. I will use a XL tesco calculator as shown in the picture.

I cannot be responsible for any damage done to the calculator so it is your risk. You have a 8.5/10 chance you can get the calculator back to its factory condition.

Step 1: Undo the Screws

Flip the calculator on its back and get some screwdrivers out. For my model, i needed to use a small + head screwdriver. Now take off the screws. On my model, some screws will not come off so i will have to separate the top and bottom with my hands as you will see in the picture of the next step

Step 2: Observe!

Cool!! Look at all the white paper and rubber button sheet. I have included pictures of all of these. Take out the rubber sheet of buttons.

Step 3: Position the White Sheet Correctly

Position the white sheet so the square-kind of things are in the position where each button was. Look at the picture for guidance

Step 4: Touch-controlled Calculator

Now you can touch the symbol where a button used to be and it performs the same action as if you were to press the button before we took it apart. Basically, its touch controlled!! For reference, look at your rubber sheet.

Step 5: Put It Back Together

Firstly, make sure everything is aligned and then press the top and bottom side of the case together and then do up the screws.

Yay! You've done some basic modifications to a calculator and I hope I've encouraged you to take apart household objects and investigate them.



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    4 years ago


    Ok thanks. I didn't know that, SuperTech-IT

    On a resistive contact type plate like you have pictured here, putting paper over it would cause it to cease functioning.
    I thought I would point that out in case someone tried this and wondered what they did wrong after making their "custom buttons".

    Thank you Granzeier

    When I first started reading this 'ible, I did not think that it was very good - you really did not do anything with the calculator.

    Then I got to the last sentence and I realized that I was the one who was wrong.  You were not trying to show how to do something great with an old calculator.  No, you were thinking of MUCH bigger things, like encouraging people to "take apart household objects and investigate them."

    My tag-line for my business is: "Helping to Build a Better Engineer" - I should be thinking more like you do.  Thanks for the reminder.

    Way to go, bailey402.