How to Mod Your IPod (5/5.5 Gen)




I'll teach you how to put rockbox, custom firmware [like the new ipods], a bootloader and 20 games onto your ipod.

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Step 1: Getting the Custom Firmware

First, we need to find out if you have a 5th gen or 5.5 gen.
NOTE: this does not work on any other ipod than the ipod video. [That means shuffle, touch, nano [all], classic, chromatic and mini!]
To find this out, go to music [the menu with playlists, artists, etc.] and scroll to the very bottom.


After this file has downloaded, extract the files and then download this program:

When that finishes downloading, extract the contents of that .zip
After extraction, navigate to the folder you extracted them to and run ipodwizard.
When ipodwizard starts, change the edit mode to firmware file and then click open firmware. navigate to where you extracted the first zip and select the .bin file. after you did this, click write to ipod. click ok on the next box, wait for it to write the firmware. when it's done, eject your ipod. it will restart itself. leave it plugged in and wait for it to finish booting. when it reconnects with the computer, eject it again and then unplug it. enjoy your new firmware!

IMPORTANT: If your iPod is missing songs and videos after you write the new firmware, put a new song in itunes and sync your ipod.

Step 2: Getting the Games

First of all, open iTunes. It will tell you a new version of the firmware is available for your ipod. Don't update. Never update. You'll lose your custom firmware and the games after we put them on.

The following step will put these games on your ipod:
Mini Golf
Texas Hold Em
Sims Pool
Sims Bowling
Ms Pacman
SAT Preps (2)

But anyways, once you opened iTunes, go to your iPod and go to the games tab. uncheck the option to sync games. it will tell you it will erase games already there, click ok and then apply [underneath sync]

enable your ipod for disk use and then click apply again.

so the next step is to download the games.
click here:
when that has finished downloading, extract the files.
navigate to where you extracted them and open the folder. inside that folder there should be "Games_RO". If you see lots of folders with numbers and letters, you're too far in; go back a folder and then right click -> copy "games_ro"

open internet explorer and type this in the address bar: letter:\ipod_control
make sure to replace "letter" with the letter your ipod is mounted at. [go to my computer and see what the letter is after your ipod.]

when you're in ipod_control, right click -> paste. it will ask you if you want to overwrite. click yes to all.

when that finishes copying, eject your ipod and enjoy your new games.

Step 3: Getting Rockbox

This part will be pretty straightforward, since rockbox has its own installer.

download this:

extract the zip and run the file. it will guide you through the rest. make sure to do a complete installation.

after that's done, go to the uninstallation tab and remove the bootloader. [nothing else!]

Step 4: IPL Bootloader

We'll be installing a bootloader. Don't worry, it's not too hard.

First download the files.

please note, you'll need either 7zip or winrar for this part.
extract the contents of ipodloader2-2.6.tar.gz to c:\documents and settings\youruser
replace youruser with the account you're on now. after that, go to where you extract the files and put ipodpatcher inside the new folder

press the windows key and r until you get a popup box. now type cmd in the box and press enter.

when the black box pops up
type: cd ipodloader2-2.6
type: ipodpatcher -ab loader.bin

wait for it to do whatever and then exit the window.

eject your ipod and hold the menu+center button until it restarts.
this is like a "power off" for the apple firmware, so remember it, you'll need it again.

please note: the picture shows ipodlinux in the startup options. i won't be covering that because it takes a long time and is pretty much just a pain in the ass.

Step 5: You're Done!

that's it.
remember: have fun with your ipod and mod it the way you like!

also, i'm not responsible if you manage to screw up your ipod doing this, but throw me a message and i'll do my best to help.

Step 6: Credits

20 games - tk09 from
rockbox - fellas over at
iPL loader - it's a part of ipodlinux, and a tutorial can be found at their wiki
ipod custom firmware - the firmware is called ipod neue classic and credit goes to ebsy and ihackr from

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    30 Discussions


    Question 3 months ago

    New links?


    3 years ago

    Looks very nice. But all of the links is not working...


    3 years ago

    Hey! I've seen the post and I've noticed too that the links are down... if you have the firmware, could you send it to me via email? or reupload them and share the links? Please! I'd really like to have the classic interface on my ipod 5.5g.


    3 years ago

    Hello my name's Jim I would appreciate an email from you including the 5 and 5.5g iPod Classic firmware. I can not find it anywhere online now that shut down. I have a few firm-wares including the Touch hack the Beautifully Black hack and the other Classic hack. I also have one that was removed a long time ago if your'e interested in it and what it is email me back and I will tell you which one I'm talking about.

    Hi I just came across this post ! Looks neeat but the links are dead... Its prob very old... I was wondering is it a Theme on rockbox or is it a proper custom firmware of apple one. Because i got iclassic from Rockbox that looked like this one but its very buggy and i don't like rockbox. But if there is a way to have the newest interface on my old ipod i would be very interessted... Any idea @ipodmoder ?


    8 years ago on Step 2

    the link for the games is not longer active :(


    10 years ago on Step 5

    I'd like to see an instructable on where to buy the clear face for the ipod like the one shown above and how to install/replace it.

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    How did you get your iPod to look like that?????


    10 years ago on Introduction

    can you still add games that you have bought through iTUnes even if you put the game folder on there?

    3 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    It removed the games I had bought when I unchecked the sync games option, but it all depends on whether you'd rather have the 20 or yours.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I only counted 19, but its just that i would like to have the iPod Classic look, but i want those games, plus the monopoly i have. Plus, with rockbox i have way more games, I just wanted to get some more games to say that i have them. Plus i have wikipedia on my cutom build of rockbox along with stardict dictionaries. And a huge amoung of GBC, GB, Nes, and SNES games for it. I think i will just stick to rockbox only if i cant get monopoly with the custom classic hac


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    the games are optional. you could always try it and see if they stay. i mightve screwed something up along the way. worst case scenario you have to re-sync to put your games back.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    if my ipod has search is it definitely moddable? i have heard that 5g doesnt have coverflow and classic doesn't have search, but mine has both! also, is the 5g/5.5g an upgraded classic? is classic a term meaning 'the original classic'? my ipod can show video, if that helps. many thanks, s-j-whitey

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    If you got it between October 12, 2005 and September 12, 2006, it's guaranteed to be a 5th gen. 6th gens are the ones marketed since September 2007 as "iPod Classic". If yours has coverflow, you can't mod it at all. The firmware is encrypted and non-moddable. Yours is a classic, and is known as a 6th Gen.