How to Mod Your Nerf Darts




Intro: How to Mod Your Nerf Darts

THe materials you will need are:Straw,dart,glue,something to cut with.

Step 1:

First: Take your straw and dart and put them together.

Step 2:

Second: Take your scissiors and cut at the end of the dart

Step 3:

Now take out the straw and take some glue and add a little to the dart and straw.

Step 4:

Lastly insert your straw into the dart.(Make sure to twist the straw as it is going in.

Step 5:

Finally: Let it dry for about 2 mins and have fun. What this mod does to your darts is make them go farthur.Notice this is my first instructables.



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    1 year ago

    so cool worked well

    Eidellrich the Wise

    2 years ago

    another thing is that it might make them a little more rigid, so they don't bend, flop, or deform as much. might want to check that though.... OOH, awesome idea! Use those giant milkshake straws for mega darts! maybe they'll actually be usable then?