SolidWorks Tutorial | Modeling an Aquarium in SolidWorks | @WeSpeakCAD

Introduction: SolidWorks Tutorial | Modeling an Aquarium in SolidWorks | @WeSpeakCAD

About: We make SolidWorks and KeyShot video tutorials. We provide a complete CAD files of our projects to help you practice and devellop your 3D modeling, rendering.

Learn how to model and assemble the parts of an Aquarium in SolidWorks. The Aquarium consists of:

1- Fish tank

2- Fish tank stand table

3-Fish tank cover

This SolidWorks video tutorials show you how to make models of this training project in SolidWorks. So you can practice later to enhance your SolidWorks modeling skills. You can start by learning the basics and become a professional by practicing.

You cand download the native CAD files from



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This is great! I love Solidworks and your aquarium turned out great!

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