How to Modify Micro Servo for 360° Rotation




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Hello world here i modified my micro servo which was set to 180° Rotation and Could only be run by a Micro controller to be made run by a battery which is helpful in many projects because it packs a lot of torque

Step 1: Hate Reading? This Video Might Help You!!

This Video Shows All The Steps in very easy way

Step 2: Lets Begin!

Materials Needed

  • Micro Servo
  • Screw driver
  • Soldering rod
  • Sand paper
  • Patience

The Attachment to shaft is removed First and from the back side all the screws are removed the gear setup is removed and the first top gear is removed there will be a small hump in gear it is removed by melting using soldering rod and then rubbing by sand paper and it is put back to setup

Step 3: Ready for 360° Rotation

  • Wires are Soldered to motor directly
  • Cap is put back
  • screws are tightened
  • Now the motor is ready for 360° rotation



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    1 year ago

    These days continuous rotation servos are about the same price as a standard servo. Saves you a lot of time and effort.