How to Modify RC CAR Via 2.4 GHz NRF24L01 Arduino Part2 Reciever(Rx)





Introduction: How to Modify RC CAR Via 2.4 GHz NRF24L01 Arduino Part2 Reciever(Rx)

This is the continued instruction of "How to Modify RC CAR Via 2.4 GHz NRF24L01 Arduino Part1 Transmitter(Tx)"

The instruction will advice how to build 2.4 GHz system receiver that basically use in rc car today.

Thank to , for RF24library and other nRF24L01 module information.

You can purchase electronic parts from Aliexpress, Banggod,Ebay,etc.

Project more :

Step 1: Materials & Tools


1. 1 - Arduino controller - UNO (Nano and Pro mini cannot use)

2. 1 - NRF24L01 module

3. 1 - Socket adapter for NRF24L01

4. 4 - LED 4 mm. (1-couple of White and 1-couple of Red)

5. 2 - Resistor 1 kOhm. 1/4 watt.

6. 1 - Capacitor 0.1 microF 16V.

7. 3 - Capacitor 1 microF 16V.

8. 1 - Capacitor 220 microF 20V.

9. 1 - L293D H-bridge dual motors drive IC

10. 1 - 16-Pins DIP IC Sockets Adaptor(For L293D)

11. Dupont wires

12. Male pin header

13. Female pin header

14. Dupont Jumper Cable Housing Male Pin Connector

15. Dupont Jumper Cable Housing Female Pin Connector

16. Heat shrink tube 2.5 mm.

17. PCB - DIY circuit board

18. Battery Lipo 7.4 V. 1000 mAh. (2 cell)

19. Male JST Battery Pigtail

20. 1 - RC car toy (H-bridge dual motor radio control)


1. Soldering gun.

2. Soldering wire.

3. Soldering paste.

4. Screw driver.

5. Plier.

6.Hot glue gun.

7.Fixing material

Step 2: Electronic Parts Installation & DIY Shield

Arduino UNO to L293D (Make DIY shield)

UNO pin - to - L293D pin

3 - 2

4 - 7

6 - 15

7 - 10

L293D pin

1 - 5V. supply(+Capacitor 1 mF/16V)

3 - Steering Motor

4 - GND

5 - GND

6 - Steering Motor

8 - 7.2 V. Batt.+(+Capacitor 220 mF/20V)

9 - 5V. supply(+Capacitor 1 mF/16V)

11 - Driving Motor

12 - GND

13 - GND

14 - Driving Motor

16 - 5V. supply(+Capacitor 1 mF/16V)

nRF24L01 module to Arduino UNO

pin No :

Vcc - 5 V. pin(+Capacitor 0.1 mF/16V)


CE - 9

CSN - 10

SCK - 13

MO - 11

MI - 12

IRQ - 2

*If you have communication problem,you can change connection from UNO pin 13,11,12 to pin SCK,MOSI,MISO of UNO programming pins.

*It's necessary to add 0.1 microF/16V to nRF24L01 module pin Vcc/GND because the module needs high continuous current and stable voltage.

+Solder a solid copper wire on nRF24L01 module antenna can improve remote range more.

*Soldering all devices carefully ,use enough large wire.Making good ground otherwise it will has ghost input signal.

*Before connecting main supply,check out to find short circuit points on DIY shield.Otherwise it can smoke and burn everything.(Be careful of Lipo battery , it's high current supply , short contact will spark fire)

Step 3: Software Download & Upload to Receiver(Rx)

Arduino sketch and Library :

Refer to previous instruction part 1.Just do the same step from 1-5. except changing to upload this attached Rx sketch.

*File printf.h is not necessary for 2 pipes communication.

After uploading,turn on the transmitter(Tx),if everything correct the serial monitor will show data as introduction video clip.

If there is nothing,the communication between Tx and Rx does not complete ,back to check out hardware and electronic parts installation.



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    15 Discussions

    Hi sir! Very good job first!

    I just don't understan why the mosfet and the utility of all capacitor, except for getting a stable current, even on the l293D ?


    5 replies

    Yes,capacitors help to stabilize the circuit,if you take them off,the circuit will work intermittenly.

    ok just get it thx! But what about the mosfet regulator ? can i have
    a model pls ? i would like to figure out what does the one in front of
    the mosfet do

    thx for your time

    You mean L293D? You can find in the parts list and buy from online stores.

    Nop the Vreg one!! i do know the l293d :)

    That's IC 7805 for transforming 7.2V battery supply to 5V supply.


    1 year ago

    hi sir, i have to control the robot car project. Where the rear wheels in the form of a dc motor is controlled with flex sensors and front wheels in the form of a servo motor controlled by the accelerometer sensor. Robot controller with a car connected with nrf24l01. if one of the sensors to control I can. but if it combines both to control I can not. Both sensors transmit data simultaneously . dc motors and servo motors confused receive data so that its movement is chaotic. How should I fix this? can you help me.? Can I send my program to you and you see.? Please. My email:

    2 replies

    Could you send pictures or any diagram of that robot?I cannot imagine how it works.My email

    Okey sir. I just send my program and how it works to your email. thax a lot

    Let's see in prerequisite instruction - How to Modify RC CAR Via 2.4 GHz NRF24L01 Arduino Part1 Transmitter(Tx)

    Thank you :) I will make this awesome project!

    I think the capacitor in front of the radio module is to handle spikes in power demand when the module us transmitting, not to help supply a continuous current.

    what advantages are there for doing this? I know there might be less interference....

    hmm geek ;)