How to Mount Hydraulic Jack Upside Down..




Just a fellow who want's to learn new tricks and skills.


This instructable connects to one of my earlier made instructable.

But it actually contains simple but usefull tip about how-to invert hydraulic jack, so that it still works.

You might find that usefull when making your own builds.

Video shows the making:

Materials: ( that i used )

8 ton jack

10mm bolt, 40mm long piece of 6mm pipe. (or hose fitting with suitable thread)

10mm threaded rod ( aprox 400mm overall )

2 springs ( from the old trampoline )

1 previously made frame for the hydraulic press.

30 x 30 x 3 mm angle iron, 170mm long piece.

10 x 170 x 170mm steel plate.

40 x 40 x 5 angle iron, 2 pcs 40mm long.

Rubber hose, 2 hose clamps.




Angle grinder


Threading taps.

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Step 1: Jack..

I wanted to find a way about.

How to invert cheap "unopenable" jack wich is sealed with welds? In the way that it works upside down.

Same method works with higher quality jack too. Specially if it has a threaded plug, like grey one has.

I choosed to use red one, wich is closed with welds and plug is threadless and pressed tightly on its place.

Step 2: More Jargon...

Because my press is originally made to be used with jack down...

And i also want to keep it that way too, when making bends etc. I like its more faster and accurate to use that way.

Whatever.. I made this jack removable. This allows me to use my press in both ways, and makes it more versatile.

Step 3: The Idea...

First, i removed the plastic plug with knife. ( needed to show some brutal movements )

Under the plug was a hole with 8mm diameter. I threaded the hole with M10 tap. Because i didn't find hose fitting with M10 thread, i made my own hose fitting from M10 bolt and 6mm pipe.

Idea is very simple.

All air needs to be removed from inside the jack.

Jack needs to be filled with oil. That sounds simple...

But that's not enough.. if the jack is filled, then pump greates negative pressure to the container chamfer when trying to use it.

So, simple solution is to add another container with hose to the jack wich balances pressure inside the jack.

Very simple, and it works. Most important thing is to remove the air inside the jack.

That can be see from the video.

More info on the video.

Step 4: Ready..

I have designed this for to be used in my own press-system.

This inverted jack is for stamping and punching holes. But it can be used for bending too.

That's why i placed similar mounting plates to the upper and lower bars of the frame.

You can check my press-system-build from here.

Or maybe get some ideas from your own builds.

Thanks for checking this out.

This is a short instructable, but the actual idea is very simple, it would be very difficult to make this any longer. :)

Step 5: Finishing..

I used plastic temporarilly plastic container, to be able to use press to stamp ends for the final container, made from stainless steel.

First picture shows the tool. Same tool can be used also for punching holes.

You can see the tool in use from this link:

I welded 8mm nut to the top end. M8 screw works as a cap, i grinded groove to the one side of it, that allows container to breathe.

Top cone is mountes so that it also works as a funnel too.

Now its finished.


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    8 months ago

    I want to weld half as good as you......

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    The other Finnish guyoooooh

    Reply 8 months ago

    Thank you. Welding is like driving with a bicycle, after some practise you get " hey that is the way to do it"- feeling. It helps if one shows how-to, but still everyone needs to learn it by themself. Idea is to follow the melting area all the time. There's no matter how to hold the welder, if its pointed to right direction on the right angle. You will learn, with practise everyone can.


    1 year ago

    Thanks for the information. I need to repair an inexpensive jack for use in the shop and adding an additional reservoir is something that might prove useful.

    Thanks for another nice Instructable.

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