How to Move on a Console System

Introduction: How to Move on a Console System

This instructable will describe how you will be able to move on a console system. With the increase of graphics and coding that is now put into games older gamers who are not used to how the new coding allows people to move. The graphs I have provided have more information than necessary, but they clearly describe how to use the joysticks for movement.

The first step in learning how to use the joysticks for movement is knowing how to use the x and y-axis of vision. The x-axis is the horizontal movement of the camera as you move the joystick (on the right side of the controller) left and right. The y-axis is the vertical movement of the camera as you move the joystick (on the same side) up and down. Like everything you must practice. Once you have become used to the sensitivity of the joystick corresponding to how fast the camera moves as you move the joystick you can add in the diagonal movement of the joystick.

The second step is learning how to move the joystick for movement is the the use of the z-axis and the use of the y-axis in another way. The joystick on the left side of the controller deals with the movement of a character. The z-axis is similar to the x-axis on the left hand side joystick yet instead of the camera looking up and down the camera will seem to zoom or move forewords or backwards. The y-axis on this joystick moves the camera left and right in a fixed position so it will seem you are walking left or right. This will also require practice to get better. Once you are used to the sensitivity of movement then you should add walking in a diagonal line.

To practice I recommend playing open world games, with a few other suggestions. Playing games such as any of the recent elder scrolls can help. Dying Light and the Dead Island franchise can help as well. If you don't want to get frustrated every time you are practicing and get killed by a random enemy then I recommend playing Black Ops' bot mode and just do not add any bots to the match it will allow you to practice undisturbed though I recommend once you start to get the hang of it you go back to one of the previously named games.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Thanks for the instructable! In about 1998-99, I used to test gaming data speeds over analog modems. I'd jump into games using Gamespy, like Dume and Duke Nukem, and get annihilated in seconds. Then the other players would get frustrated.

    Would have been helpful to have an instructable such as this to get a head-start on game methods!

    - Rob


    4 years ago

    Good info, thank you for sharing.