How To: Newspaper Nails!

Intro: How To: Newspaper Nails!

In this I will be showing you have to make newspaper print nails. This is very simple to do.

Things you will need:

White nail polish, rubbing alcohol, newspaper, a cotton ball, scissors and if you want tweezers.

Step 1: Paint Your Nails White. Let Your Nails Dry.

Step 2: Cut a Piece of Newspaper Off.

Make sure it isn't too big or too small, if its too big its hard to work and the newspaper might even get onto your skin. If its too small then it wont cover your whole nail.

Step 3: Wet Your Cotton Ball With Rubbing Alcohol.

Step 4: Dampen Your Newspaper With the Wet Cotton Ball.

Step 5: Place the Damp Newspaper on Your Finger Nail.

Step 6: Put Back on the Cotton Ball on Top of Your Finger.

Step 7: Now Pull Off the Newspaper. Repeat. Ta-da You Now Have Your Beautiful Newspaper Print Nails!



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    NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!