How to Nuke/Weapon Boost on COD MW2




Introduction: How to Nuke/Weapon Boost on COD MW2

Boosting on CoD is the act of repeatedly killing the same willing person over and over to achieve challenges, level up, or obtain nukes. The old way of doing this was doing the cage match which was 1v1 making it extremely easy to boost. A recent patch however removed that game mode from the system completely. Boosters however have now found how to do this in Free-for-All match types. Lets take a look....

Note: I do not encourage boosting on this or any other game. This is simply for educational purpose. I will be making an instructable soon on how to hunt these boosters.

Step 1: What You Need...

What you will need to do this...

1.) Yourself plus at least one other willing participant
2.) Enough consoles for everyone (i use 360 but as far as i know this also works for PS3)

Step 2: First...

Have everyone set up a boosting class

It should be set up like this....

Any weapon w/ silencer
Any secondary w/ silencer
Tactical Insertion
Any special gernades
Cold Blooded
Any other perks

Step 3: Next...

The next trick is to get everyone in the same game so first party up so you will only be heard by each other once in the game to keep your doings as secret as possible.

It is also a smart idea not to have the same clan tag or any other marks on your name that would indicate an affiliation.

Next comes the problem that when your all together the free-for-all mode is disabled :(

Have everyone back out and one person go click find game and select free for all. Then while it is trying to find a game click invite and invite your friends. This may take a few tries if it finds games fast for you. If this is a problem you can try lagging down your internet by using NetTools. google it and you should find a tutorial.

Step 4: Now What??

Now your in the game. first decided "can i boost on this map" some maps are easier to boost on then others. google boosting spots and there are plenty of videos for boosting spots on most maps.

Next, decide what are you going to boost? do you want headshots? just kills? Nukes?!
Then set your kill streaks accordingly.

For example If i was going to Nuke boost i would set my kill streaks as Harrier, Pave Low, and nuke (duh). the reason i would pick Pave over Chopper Gunner is because while your Pave Low is racking up kills you can continue to boost.

Step 5: Start Boosting...

Once in the game go to the boost spot and be careful no one sees you going in it.

Next, have the one(s) that are going to be killed plant tactical insertions and then kill them, let them plant again, kill and repeat. This is where having multiple people helps because you can have some standing watch because once people notice you are boosting, they will come after you with a vengeance. Once you get your kill streaks make sure you use them. Call in your harrier and wait for your harrier to go away before calling in Pave Low to maximize kills.

Step 6: BOOM!

And congratulations, you just boosted. now go have fun.

P.S. after you achieve your Nuke, pleases be kind and let the other people in the game play till as close to the end as possible before calling it in. people tend to be easier towards boosters if you dont end their game super early.

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    7 Discussions

    u should not be puttin this kinda of stuff up on the internet boosting made the game no fun. if people wanted to get lvls fast they should just do the 10th prestige hack u go to lvl 1 10th prestige i didnt just because i got pissed off after prestiging 5 times and the people on the game were ridiculus infinty ward ruined the COD series hopefully sldge hammer games can fix the Modern Warfare series with MW3 wich is expected to be released sometime in 2011 . until then we got black ops at least


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    bruh chill its his choice he paid for this game


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I can put what I want on the Internet. and if you ask me 10th prestige lobbies are worse than boosting. You can stop people from boosting by killing them but I see no one stopping prestige lobbies. Plus people are gonna find this information anyway. I mean come on a simple google search trikes thousands of pages with the exact same information as presented on this page. And that you are a booster (yes prestige lobbies are boosting) ragging on someone else doing it is hypocritical


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I think that you shouldnt have put this on at all. Boosting is the worst thing to happen in video games since standby. you should have just put up you're supposed boost hunter instructable. you should be ashamed for supporting boosting


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I don't support boosting but really what does it affect for you? When people boost what do they achieve? A shiny little symbol or emblem. Ohhhh Nooo! A shiney emblem on a video game?!? What are we gonna do!?!.... The point is it isn't hurting anyone, if that's how they want to enjoy the game that THEY PAID FOR then that's their concern and none of yours.

    knex obsessed
    knex obsessed

    9 years ago on Step 2

    id recommend ninja aswell in case of enemy using heartbeat