How to Open Vials of Circle Lenses



It is often difficult for first time wearers of circle lenses to open the vials of contact lenses and circle lenses. Since they are unaware of the circle lens basics; they have no idea about the contact lens care regimen too. In this tutorial I will tell you how to open the vials safely and how to take care of your circle lenses

Step 1: Break the Seal

Break the seal of your circle lenses as shown in the infographic

Step 2: Take Out Your Circle Lenses

Take out your circle lenses using a circle lens tong or clip.

Step 3: Use Circle Lens Clip

 Fill in your contact lens case with a multi-purpose solution or serum. Gently put your lenses into your lens cases carefully. Be very careful and put your right lens in the chamber marked with R and left lens in the L chamber

Step 4: Soak Circle Lenses

Now soak your circle lenses for 8 hours. Preferably soak them overnight ^_^

Courtesy: I saw this tutorial here; and thought it would be nice to share here



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