How to Open and Enjoy a Bottle of Wine.

Introduction: How to Open and Enjoy a Bottle of Wine.

Everyone (of age) loves a nice bottle of wine from time to time, am I right?
But do you know how to properly open one without it looking like first-grade arts and crafts project? (Or, worse....getting broken cork into your precious "juice")
Well, let me help you figure this out so you don't devastate your next bottle. Just follow these easy steps, and you're on the road to success!

What you will need.
-One bottle of wine. (red, white, pink, sparkling, or otherwise) Just make sure it's got a cork. Now, it doesn't matter if it's natural of synthetic cork. Just if it's a natural cork be a little more ginger when popping.
-One wine key. Make sure the key has a foot, a corkscrew, and a knife.
-One linen napkin or towel that you don't mind getting a little wine on
-One steamed glass for this bottle, I chose a Merlot high steam glass

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Step 1: A Little Off the Top...

Okey, now we're warming things up, and we need to take a little off the top.

Using the wine key knife, take the very top of the foil off.
Take care not to remove too much of the foil. As a general rule of thumb, you don't want to take off the foil below the lip of the bottle.
For a few reasons
1.) If for some unholy reason you knock the edge of the bottle on your glass it wont chip and/or shatter. That would over all be bad.
2.) It helps bead off a renegade drop of wine when pouring.
3.) and no one likes to be naked BEFORE they start drinking.

Once you have the top peeled up, go a head and take the circle all the way off. It's ok, it's just a little off the top.

Step 2: Do the Twist

Alright, now things are gunna get a little complicated....

Take the corkscrew and press it into the top of cork generally in the center . Twist it until the tip starts to poke through the cork. Once it takes, keep twisting and pressing the corkscrew until you're about two or three circles from being all the way in.
If it's a natural cork don't go too deep, or too much to one side or the cork with shred and degrade. Not good. You want to keep your cork intact for good extraction.

Step 3: Put One Foot In.

Using the wine key's foot, leverage the cork out of the bottle gently.
Take care not to pull the cork all the way out using the cork screw.
When you get the cork fully extended using the foot, pull the cork out the rest of the way wrapping your hand around the exposed cork.

Step 4: Just Wiggle It

Pull on it a little bit with your hand wrapped around the exposed cork.
Wiggle it, until it pops off.
Great! Now, the fun part.....

Step 5: Vino Bandito

Wrap the little guy up before you go any farther.
The linen napkin gets folded into a bandanna like wrap to go around the neck of your bottle.
This prevents the little dribbles from getting on your hand, clothes or friends.
If you've left the foil on, there should be very little but just a precaution.

Step 6: Just a Little for Taste

Pour a small amount into a glass to sample the wine.
Make sure it's not vinegar, or musty.
Swish. Swash. Slush. Swirl.
Just please, make sure you swallow.

Step 7: A-Ok!

Once you've let the bouquet penetrate your pallet and let the notes dance across your taste-buds give that needed nod (or, the most epic thumbs-up), and let's get to the fun part!

Step 8: Fill'er Up!

Okey. It's tasted, tested and approved. Fill that glass up.
But don't go more than half way, it will make you look like a drunk and/or greedy if you do.

Step 9: Enjoy!

Alright kiddo's, this is the point where you can enjoy your spoils.
Drink and be merry. Raise a glass to the past and savor the moment. You deserve it.

Step 10: The End

This one speaks for it self.
If you need to repeat steps 1-9, that's your call.
Practice makes perfect (but I wouldn't suggest more than one or two go about's without  a friend for support.)

Now, you know how to properly open and pour a bottle of wine.
I don't have to tell you how to enjoy it. I'm pretty sure you're all seasoned pro's =)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    ok, now, what if you have no corkscrew, how do you open the bottle? push the corkscrew into the bottle or tap it out with your shoe?