How to Open and MOD EK-Vardar F3-120 PC Fans



Introduction: How to Open and MOD EK-Vardar F3-120 PC Fans

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These fans are among the top tier radiator fans and really liked by PC water cooling enthusiasts.

Fan specs:

Mechanical and electrical specifications:-

Speed: 1850 rpm (+/- 10%)-

Rated Voltage: 12V DC-

Power Draw: 1.44W- PWM

Connector: 4-pin PWM header

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm

Performance characteristics:-

Max Air Flow: 63 CFM

Noise Level: 29.5 dBA

Requirements for this MOD

  • 2 Needles
  • Any glue cleaner or few drops of petrol
  • Tape
  • Spray paint
  • Cloth for cleaning and drying
  • A small bowl to clean the fan blades
  • A small box to keep tiny parts of fans ( Its imp )

Step 1: Removing the Fan Blades

  • Remove the sticker at the back of the fan
  • Get 2 needles and place em between the oval shaped gaped present on the black metal clip ( See pic one for reference )
  • Now move these pins apart like you are trying to open that clip.
  • When the clip is stretched apart enough the pin comes off mostly by itself as the spring between the bearings pushes it.
  • It might sound a bit complex but just stretch that clip apart by placing needles in that oval portion and rest will be done by fan :D
  • Once you have that pin removed the blade can be pulled.
  • After pulling the blade remove the bearings and the spring. Its really simple use needle to pull out bearings
  • Once all the things are pulled place them in a small box like i did. These things are tiny and if lost on floor will be really hard to find.
  • Repeat the steps for other fans(s).

Step 2: Cleaning

  • Clean the sticker remnants by scraping off by nails or use some plastic thing. Dnt use metal it will scratch the plastic.
  • To clean the glue left by sticker use petrol/wd-40 or any other cleaner like these having acetone in it. Even perfumes / body sprays can be used.
  • After all that take a bowl, fill it with water and mix some washing detergent in it.
  • Put the blades ( only ) in the solution for 2-5 min and then rotate them in there to make sure all the dirt is clean.
  • Now run some fresh water over the blades and dry em.

Step 3: Masking for Painting

  • Tape the small holes at the fan top.
  • I used a less wider tape and covered the fans from inside ( see pics for reference )
  • Then used a wider tape to cover the whole magnet area.
  • Use a blade to cut the access tape

Step 4: Painting and Results

  • Make sure that masking is done properly.
  • Spray outside use mask too as aerosol spray cans have a really bad smell.
  • Shake the can well for 2-3 mins
  • Maintain a distance of .7-1 foot from the object while painting
  • Spray in a rhythm and keep the can moving like a car windshield wiper moves.
  • Keep your layers of paint as thin as possible and rest 5-8 min after every layer.

  • After painting let it dry for 24 hrs and clean once with a clean cloth to remove dust.
  • Assemble back ( I dnt think u will need a guide to do that now )
  • Enjoy

Sorry about the low quality pics :P

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