How to Open and View HEIC Images on Windows PC

Introduction: How to Open and View HEIC Images on Windows PC

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HEIC is an image format that Apple has applied to replace JPG file format on the newly updated iOS 11. It uses a more advanced compression method to create pictures in a smaller file size while keep a higher image quality than JPG file. However, it may be hard for iOS users to view HEIC images on computer, and many people would turn to an HEIC image converter in order to do this. But now, you can end your exploration on finding an HEIC to JPG converter or a separate photo viewer for HEIC/HEIF images. Here is an easy handy but free tool that you can use to open HEIC images on WindowsPC - Apowersoft Photo Viewer. As a free photo viewer, it allows you to open HEIC/HEIF images as well as JPG, PNG and other formats of images. Let's see how to use this tool to open and view images of HEIC format on PC.

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Step 1: Download the Program and Prepare HEIC Images

  • Download the desktop version of Apowersoft Photo Viewer.
  • Transfer HEIC images to your PC before you get started, so that you can view HEIC images as soon as possible.

Step 2: Open HEIC Images With Apowersoft Photo Viewer

  • Click on "Open" to select and open HEIC images. Or you can directly open it by dragging the HEIC image file to the program.

Step 3: Zoom in or Zoom Out to View HEIC Images

  • You can hit the "+" or "-" button on the toolbar to zoom in or zoom out the image. Also, on the right side of the picture that has already been zoomed in or out, there will be a preview thumbnail of original HEIC image that will show the part that has been zoomed in or out. This function helps us know the details as well as the relation of the magnified or zoomed part and the whole.

Step 4: Save Your Favorite HEIC Photos Easily

  • If you find an HEIC image very important or you like it very much, you can hit on the heart-like icon to save it as your favorite photos. Once you want to view it, just hit on the file folder next to the heart-like icon to check your favorite photos.

Step 5: View All HEIC Photos As a Slide in One Click

  • It may be troublesome since you need to click the mouse to show next pictures. Apowersoft Photo Viewer provides a more convenient way to view HEIC photos as a slide. Just hit on the "Slide Show" button in the middle of the toolbar, then you can set the interval to view the pictures. During which, you can also click on the "Pause" button as you wish.

Step 6: Customize Your Own Way to View HEIC Images

  • With this light photo viewer, you can view the thumbnail of all the pictures if you want. Just turn on the "Thumbnail" function, then you can see photos that before and after the one you are viewing.
  • As other photo viewing tools, this one also provides rotate functions but it makes this more convenient for users. Just click the button on the toolbar, and then you can get what you want.

Since HEIC is a highly-compressed format of images, it helps to save the storage space of your phone, which is a good thing indeed. With this photo viewer, you are free from worrying about the image format.

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