How to Operate a Miter Saw

Introduction: How to Operate a Miter Saw

A miter saw is a widely used machine in construction and woodworking. Its is very useful but can be very dangerous so it must be used right.

Step 1: Safety

-Safety is always most important in the use of any tools or equipment.

-Safety glasses

-Ear protection

-Make sure all guards are in place and fully functional. -Inspect material for possible threats

Step 2: Angle or Bevel

-If you want a angle or bevel the saw angle can be moved and positioned to the degree you want.

-Your saw will have Knobs and levers to adjust your saw.

-When cutting an angle you can cut on a long measurement or short measurement

-But bevel is much easy with short measurement

Step 3: the Cut

-Place your material on the saw

-Make sure it is against the fence of the saw

-Firmly hold the material with your non dominate hand and place your dominate on the triger

-Any saw will have a safety on it. Read manual to find it

-Then start the saw and carefully cut

Step 4: Conclusion.

The miter saw is a very useful machine. But safety is the biggest thing. Always read manuals and instructions before use.

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    3 years ago

    It's always good to be safe and make sure you know how to use them :)