How to Organize Pier 9 With STICKERS

Introduction: How to Organize Pier 9 With STICKERS

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Pier 9 has lots of drawers, shelves and cabinets filled with things from colanders that look like UFOs to marshmallow fluff to rivet guns. Over the course of a month, I took inventory of all these objects and documented them through drawings, eventually turning them into organizational stickers. You too can organize your stuff without having to open every drawer to find that tiny UFO. 

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Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

1. Pen (whatever kind you like, preferably one that doesn't bleed or smear if you will be drawing directly onto the paper)
2. Paper
3. Roland Versacamm printer
4. Vinyl sticker paper (you can get giant rolls online or smaller home use kinds from craft stores)
5. Patience
6. A computer
7. Scissors

You can also do this with photographs or draw directly on sticker paper without having to touch a computer. This is a good option for one-time production. If you are wanting to reproduce -- in case stickers wear off or get pickle juice accidentally spilled on them -- having the option of reprinting might be appealing. 

Step 2: Draw Things

So, you've got all the things you need to organize your other things? Great. 

Start drawing. Or photographing. Go through all the drawers, cabinets or pick out the things that are particularly difficult to remember where they live. Do the scissors go in the tool chest or in the cabinet above the sink? (Maybe you should just get two pairs). 

Step 3: Upload to a Computer

Once you've drawn everything, scan in the images into photoshop or illustrator. Be sure to scale them to an appropriate size. If you draw a spoon the size of a spoon, but realize your spoon drawer also has a can opener, spatula, knife, fork, and measuring cup, the spoon-size sticker will most likely need to be resized to fit on the face of the drawer.

Once your images are organized on the page with enough space around them to cut out, but not so much as to waste a ton of paper, save the file as a .ESP (telepathic file) so it's ready to print. 


Cut out. 

Step 4: STICK ON

Here's the fun part. Now that your hands are sore from cutting out a million little stickers, you get the reward of peeling them off and sticking them wherever the stuff is. Oatmeal in the cabinet above the sink will never be forgotten again. 

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    5 years ago on Step 4

    Great project, would you be willing to share the image files?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Seriously, these are amazing. The kitchen looks so great now :D

    You're awesome!!