How To: Organize Your Shoes




The Imelda Marcos Shoe Hanger

“A great gift for Mom!”


Step 1: Materials Needed

wire hangers, wire cutters, spray paint, shoes


• Handling pointed metal ends of wire hangers can cut or poke you.
• Use wire cutters with care; watch your fingers.
• Spray paint is harmful if ingested; it stains clothing and skin.

Step 3: Make the Cuts

With your wire cutters, cut off the bottom section of the hanger at each end.

Note: This should be fairly easy with the proper wire cutters.

Step 4: Curl the Ends

With your wire cutters, curl the cut point upward toward the hook of the hanger.

Note: You can curl the ends any way you’d like. By curling the ends, you protect yourself from getting cut.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Outdoors (on a cardboard or plastic surface), use your favorite spray paint to coat each side of the hanger.

Note: Clear coat spray paint was used in the photo (this protects the metal of the hanger from rust).

Step 6: Admire Your Work

When dry, take the hanger inside and hang your shoes and sandals on the hanger and in your closet.

Enjoy a more orderly closet!



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