How to Organize a Drawer by Building Compartments




Today i tought it would be a great idea to build some compartments for one of my messy drawers. I keept this build easy so that anybody could try it and also it doesn't take so long. In my case this build was really cheap, it was around 4€ for the cardboard and glue.

For this build you will need:

  • any kind of cutter
  • cardboard (i bought mine in a architect supply shop)
  • a ruler
  • normal Glue ( you can also use hot glue if you want)
  • a empty drawer which needs to be organized
  • time ( not longer than 2 h)

Enjoy building.

Step 1: Planning the Compartments

This step is fairly easy. Just think about things that will go in to the compartments and use those objects to measure the size of the compartments. E.G. pencils, usb-sticks, paper clips, and more.

Because my drawer is fairly high i will build two floors, if you want to do that just build the same floor twice (make sure that this fit and that they are not to high).

If you need inspiration for your planning just look at the finished product.

Step 2: Cutting and Glueing

First i started cutting out the baseplate, on it there will rest the first floor of compartments. Then i transfered my plans on to the base plate and started cutting the individual pieces for the compartments walls. Always make sure that the compartments walls are square! And because cardboard doesn't look that nice you can now paint all the individual parts in the color you want. But i didn't to that, because it would take to long.

When everything is cut, i just put the baseplate in and than glued the walls on top of it, to make it more rigid you can add small nails from the bottom or use hot glue.

I hoped it worked out and that it helps you. I also hoped you enjoyed building it, if you liked it ( or not) writ it down in the comments.



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    5 Discussions

    Iven Sieglenbrenda starr

    Reply 2 years ago

    corrugate works, but if you don't like the look you can also use Finnish wood cardboard ( in Germany it is called "Finpappe") it isn't really expensive, it costs 3,60€ per square meter.

    Heyupbrenda starr

    Reply 2 years ago

    I used corrugated because it is thicker and has more surface area to glue to the base & sides.... John :)

    Mary LouS

    2 years ago

    How did you cut, fold, & glue the individual walls? What keeps them from falling?

    1 reply
    Iven SieglenMary LouS

    Reply 2 years ago

    I did cut every wall individual and then glued them on to the cardboard base (and also put glue on the intersections and points where the walls touch the drawer). I used hot glue for that and it holds very well. If the hot glue doesn't hold everything very well you can also use small nails and put them thru the cardboard base into the walls, that should make it more strong.